Lexington Kentucky Activities That Families Will Enjoy

As you go through the many different options that you have for traveling this year, if you haven’t been to Kentucky, add that to your list. You might be going on a vacation for a couple of months, traveling through the United States. As you reach the center, you need to spend a few days in Kentucky. A city in Kentucky that you may want to stay at is called Lexington. It has quite a few activities that are perfect for families. There are several that are recommended, and here are three that you should certainly go on if you are bringing yourself, your wife and your kids.

Kentucky Scenic Byway

After settling in, you can start your trip by going on the many different back ways and byways of Kentucky, following historic routes that are well known to those that live in the area. This may include going down US 62, looking at places like Stonewall and End, both of which are unique. The Boone Creek scenic byway, and also the Cumberland cultural heritage Highway, are going to take you past rivers and lakes that are beautiful. You can get out with your kids and play in the water, especially if it is during the summer time, and then you can move on to the next activity.

The Thoroughbred Center

If you are on a budget, this property owned by Keeneland is a place you should stop by. It has an amazing 1000 or more stalls for horses. There are a couple of training tracks, a starting gate, and all of the amenities that you could need to enjoy your day amidst all of these wonderful horses. Your kids will love watching them, and you can take tours, guided by people that understand horses and the property. Once you are done there, it’s time to head back into Lexington proper to enjoy fine dining and perhaps some time at Breakout Games that your kids will love.

The next couple days you could also go to The Red Mile, Keeneland, and many other destinations. Whether you want to see horse tracks, bowling alleys, or even go miniature golfing, these are all things that are available in Lexington. Although this is located in the center of the United States away from the ocean, and there are no landscapes like you somebody, Lexington is the perfect place for people that want to know more about the central United States and the origins of the people of Kentucky.

Lexington Kentucky -Things That You Can Do

Will you be heading over toward the state of Kentucky anytime soon? You might be stopping in Louisville, and on your way through the state on the 64, you want to stop in Lexington. It’s a beautiful city, one that is very popular because of the rolling plateaus, especially in the bluegrass region. There are many horses, lots of pasturelands, and you also have access to many small creeks that all go into the Kentucky River. Here are a few things you can do when you get to Lexington that you will enjoy.

Lexington And Horses

Lexington is one of these places where you can find many places where you can enjoy horses. The Kentucky Horse Park is a place you can visit, and you can take the thoroughbred horse tour in Kentucky to learn more about these magnificent animals. There are gardens you can visit, wildlife areas, and parks that are perfect for just relaxing. You can also check out the casinos, and go on the many different tours, plus enjoy outdoor activities.

Tours In Lexington

Most of the tours that you are going to go on will include something about horses. There is the Unique Force Farm tours, the Blue Grass tours, and private tours that you can go on that some people may not have heard of before. You can also dine out at some of the best restaurants in the area and check out the different types of beer such as what is available at the West Sixth Brewing company. The Barrel House Distillery is another good place to eat, and there is also Country Boy Brewing. Once you have been to these places, you can simply relax at night in your luxury hotel which you can get for a discounted price using online services when you are booking your trip into Lexington.

If you are into horses, or you simply want to experience the countryside in middle America, there is no better place to go than the state of Kentucky, especially when you visit Lexington. Although it is smaller than Louisville, it has all of the modern amenities that you have come to expect when you are traveling to different destinations across the United States. All you have to do is find the time to visit and use the Internet to book the most affordable vacation possible in this wonderful city.